Sprint 8 Challenge

I have started the Sprint 8 challenge….I have used the Sprint 8 program before and found it useful. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Phil Campbell, Sprint 8 designer. I had some specific questions about using Sprint 8 with endurance training. I like the HGH increase, but realize I can not rely on this program to get through a 100 MTB race.

Phil suggested during my high mileage cycles to try doing only two Sprint 8 sessions a week. Fit the sessions in at the end of a normal endurance workout. I questioned that I would be too fatigued to muster up 8 good sprints. He said the point was to get anaerobic and concentrate on the fast twitch muscles.

I have used Sprint 8 through the prep phase and just for fitness maintenance. I will try Phil’s suggestions and let you know how it works. Currently I will be doing three sessions a week for 6-8 weeks

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