Finding Time.....

Finding time to train is difficult….With a family, work, church and other time fillers, I find it hard to find the time to train. Since I am a schedule type person, I have created a great weekly schedule that fits all my time fillers into a nice neat package. Problem is….life and other people are not so committed to MY schedule. For instance, Allison (worlds best wife), has been sick for the past 5 days. She is a trooper and tries to continue as normal, but she must rest. This leaves me to do a little extra. This small extra, throws my whole perfect schedule off! Once I am off the schedule it is difficult to return to it. I then get very grouchy, feel sorry for myself and start listening to all the selfish thoughts that go through my head.

I have stumbled across a great way to combat this destructive cycle….this solution has been there sitting in front of me for many years. So simple and powerful, yet so hard to do….Prayer. We are taught to pray about everything. Yet the idea of laying my training at His feet never occurred to me. It is powerful, trust me. I encourage you to pray and share your training concerns to Jesus. I know, I felt like a selfish little school boy asking for a special favor, too. However, as I thought about it more, I realize God placed this passion in my heart. He takes delight in me training and racing.

The real benefit is that in prayer, my goals are better aligned with God’s goals for my life. When I may place too much importance on a particular race or build period, my time in prayer often eases my tension about the training/ race and helps me see the more clearly the big picture. Prayer also helps me deal with the disappointments, especially when I don’t get to see the big pictures. We all know our passion for this sport can become too big in our lives, this God will not tolerate! Prayer protects me from this idolatry.

I encourage you to pray about your training and racing and be ready to listen to your true Coach!

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