May Ride Report

On May 30, 2010 three dedicated IC3 members braved the hilly world of Morgan Monroe State Forest. This scenic ride is famous for the challenging hills and grand views. Present were Michael, Pete and James, all fit and trim athletes. Even though the ride was tagged a “No-Drop” ride, it was obvious to the three of us, the poor turnout was due to the fear that our superior fitness would tear the group apart on the many climbs!

1st climb was Hacker’s Creek. I was 1st to the top and celebrated with maximum climbing points! However, to my dismay, as I looked over my shoulder mid celebration salute, I noticed Michael was riding no-handed while talking on his cell phone.

The group quickly came together. We talked; we laughed and swapped stories of why we were not riding at our best. It seemed that Pete engaged in a hammer fest the day before and was not able to eat until late that evening, so his legs were very heavy and non-responsive. So he claimed!

As the road dumped us out on old 37 and we started the climb up to Hindustan, I noticed a lone cyclist moving fast. I reacted quickly and dropped my two companions and bridged up to the load rider. I suffered and finally reeled her in. After some quick negotiations and a promised discount at the bike shop, she promised to let me ride on up the road and try to slow the chasers down for me. I quickly built a lead and was riding alone up to the State Forest gate. Then I heard the familiar sounds of gears and wheels behind me. As the train pulled around me like I was old road kill, I made note it was the young lady pulling the men through! No discount for her!

Once we made it to the front gate, we started the long flat ride back the cars. Amazingly, Pete’s legs felt much better and he began to motor pace us back to 37 at a brisk 25mph. once the right turn unto 37 was made, Pete turn the screw down one more notch which put me on the rivet again!

We made it back to Starbucks and as we said our goodbyes, Michael showed us how bad his rear wheel was dragging his brakes. Evidently the whole ride, wow, remember the Hacker’s Creek climb?

Come on out and join us for June’s IC3 Ride on June 27th!

IC3 Ride at The Griffin's
11753 Wedgeport Ln
Fishers, IN 46037
317-205-5594 c
317-845-1974 h

· Ride starts 4pm
· Dinner following the ride
· Play set for younger ones
· Air-conditioning for the older ones
· Neighborhood pool down the street
· Blowup pool in the back yard

RSVP to jesells71@hotmail.com


Sunday, May 30 IC3 Ride

Come and join us at the Starbucks in Martinsville, In at 4pm. We will head out for an enjoyable ride through Morgan Monroe State Forest. This is a no drop ride. If you are a racer, use it as a recovery opportunity.

RSVP to jesells71@hotmail.com