James 2:26

James 2:26 (New International Version)
26 As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ! As summer time activities and training ramps up, I know from personal experiences that we as cyclist sometimes become very self involved. Meaning we get so wrapped up into training, equipment and racing that we put other things on hold. Sometimes work, studies and relationships take a backseat to our love of cycling. We get caught up into the thinking that if only I had more time to train or if only I had that frame, I could win. This drive to win races can fool us, and cause us to take our eyes off the true prize!
Our Earthly success is meaningless without Christ. No matter what we accomplish here on earth, it will never satisfy us and our true need for Christ! So you say, I know Christ and He is the Lord of my life. Why are you badgering me about this?

If Christ is truly Lord over our lives, then how can anything be placed before Him? We must constantly evaluate our lives and make sure we are not slipping into the philosophies of this world! Everything we do should point to Christ!

This means our training and racing should be a testimony to Christ! What does this look like? Gracious victories and defeats, fair riding, generous team tactics and forgiveness. There is no room for filthy language, rude gestures and negative talk. I know in the heat of the battle, things can quickly get out of hand. When this happens we should be quick to reconcile and ask for forgiveness. This type of behavior should be followed on and off the bike.

Please understand I am not any better. I fall short of Christ daily. I am no better than the dust my Creator made, however that doesn’t not give me an excuse to give up and not try to be more like Him. In fact it is because He loves me even though I am such an unworthy creation, that I want to work harder every day to hear His words, “Well done faithful servant”.

I encourage you to live each day, striving to be more like Jesus.


Race Reports: Ceraland and Mooresville

Ceraland Challenge, April 19: 22.1 MPH AVG.
It was a dreary day in Ceraland this past Saturday. The temperatures were cold, and the race's beginning was greeted with spitting rain. There were 18 category 4 racers in the race. The M.O.B. squad and Nebo Ridge racing teams were well represented making up the better part of half of the group between the two teams. As soon as the race director said "go" the racing began. It was a fairly fast paced race through the first quarter of the race. The group was staying together until lap prizes were offered. With each prize came another "breakaway" that was shutdown by strong riding from IC3er Chris Hutchison. A rider from IU snatched up the two consecutive lap sprint prizes, and he was awarded a jersey for the third "hot" lap sprint. He was riding very strong to say the least. After the sprints, the race came back together(thanks to Chris) until the final lap. With one mile to go, M.O.B. squad rider, sub-hour Monrovia 40K TTer, and all-around nice guy, Chris Toffolo jumped off the front. Mr. IU and another rider reacted immediately and caught his wheel. Four or five others from the group reacted a little slower and formed a chase group. Team IC3 (represented by Chris Hutchison, Nick Tranbarger, and Tom Trupe) brought their efforts together. Chris took up the pace making responsibilities and brought Nick to within striking distance at the bottom of the finishing "hill." Nick unleashed the finishing effort up the hill, but he started a little late. He managed a second place finish thanks to the hard work from the team. Overall, the race had a successful ending since every team member crossed the finish line rubber side down. (On a side note, the group of 18 riders in the Cat 4 category had three wrecks. Two of these wrecks were single rider accidents. This was in a closed course where we had the two very wide lanes to race upon. Interesting.....)

Mooresville Bike Race, April 20: 23 MPH AVG.
Another cold morning of racing was planned for Mooresville's Pioneer Park this past Sunday morning. Due to the park officials requiring the racers to be out of the park by noon, the Category 3 and 4 races were combined. This made for a group of around 30 to 40. Team IC3 was well represented on the day with four team members present. Kaleb Naegeli, Kameron "Pure Speed" Gray, Chris Hutchison, and Nick Tranbarger were in the pack. The race started with three consecutive "warm-up" laps. This was a nice change from the experience a day ago. At the end of these laps, the attacks began. Chris was patrolling the front of the pack attempting to get in a good looking break. After a few attempts, he came back for a breather in the pack. Kameron took over his role at the front. Moments later, the break of the day went off the front, and Kameron demonstrating his speed and strength went. He successfully made the break after a short chase. The break consisted of a Mesa Cycles rider, two Lucas Oil riders, Kameron. The break worked well together and put up to 40 seconds into the main group. Back in the main group the Indiana Hand Center team, who missed putting a rider in the break, were taking the chasing responsibilities. They were not being successful in bringing the gap down. When the pace slowed momentarily, Chris took a chance and tried to bridge the gap to the break. Kaleb also mounted his own attack. Both aggressors from IC3 made strong effort to join "Pure Speed" up at the front, but they couldn't quite make it. They made the decision after a lengthy pursuit to come back to the group and prepare for the race for fifth. With one lap to go, Nick, who had been camping at the back of the pack the entire race, came to the front with the responsibility of making the last lap very hard, stretching out the pack, and possibly creating easy passing opportunities for Chris and Kaleb. This strategy may have not been the best. Regardless, IC3 had a successful day with Kameron representing in the break and three pack finishers. (Side note: This was a huge group of mostly Cat 3 racers, the roads were more narrow than the previous day, the race was faster with a larger hill, and..........there were no wrecks)


Public Service Announcement: Praise be to God and Helmets

IC3 Indy Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to say special word of thanks to God this evening. As I was embroiled in a fantastic and fast training ride with some local speed burners, I was involved in what could have been a horrible accident. I was about 7th or 8th in a pace line traveling around 30 MPH going across a bridge in Martinsville, IN. Unfortunately, I came to a pot hole (It was a real monster), and I hit full speed right in the center. Through discussion with other riders and inspecting the damage, I believe that the left side of my carbon Zipp handlebars snapped one inch past the stem on impact. The destruction of my handlebars caused me to flip over the bars. I landed first on the back of right shoulder and my head snapped to the payment with great force. The crack in my helmet is quite substantial. I will try to post pictures later. If you want to purchase a helmet that is tried and true, buy a Specialized Decibel. It worked amazingly. I bounce a couple of times on the road and slid to a stop in the rocky berm. I have escaped this crash with only a little road rash on my shoulder and elbow, a pretty good strawberry on my hip, and a trashed handlebars. Everything else seems to be repairable or able to heal. Praise God!
This accident could have been much worse. This is a good reminder to keep each other in our prayers on a daily basis, because this type of stuff can and will happen. It seems to be part of the activity that we all love.
Ride hard, ride safe, and ride to enjoy the fact that we are wonderfully and fearfully made by an almighty and benevolent Creator. Have a great rest of the week.


We are still racing at Ceraland in one week and a half. Don't think this will stop that. :-) Oh...did I mention this wreck happened at 30 MPH....yup, we was flyin'. Watch out boyzzzz! LOL


IC3 Indy at the Little 500

On April 12th, the IC3 Hoosier Spoke will have three members racing in the Indiana University Little 500. The Little 500, now in it's 58th year for the men, is a 50.98 mile race of 200 laps around a quarter mile cinder track. The three members from IC3 that are racing are Kamaron Gray, Kaleb Naegeli, and Max Phillips. Kamaron and Kaleb will be racing for Campus Crusade for Christ Cycling (C4) and Max will be riding for Theta Chi fraternity.

Each year only 33 teams qualify for the mens field; this year over 40 teams attempted to qualify. At the beginning of the race, C4 will be starting in 20th position and Theta Chi will begin in 32nd. The race begins with a flying start, much like the Indianapolis 500 that it is based on. Racers compete on teams of four in a relay race fashion, where ten exchanges must be completed by the end of the race. When an exchange occurs, the rider currently on the bike brings it into the teams pit area located on the outside of the track. The new rider gets a running start, grabs the handlebars, and then jumps on from the left while the previous rider comes sliding to a stop and swings off the bike on the right. None of this would be possible on a conventional road bike, but all racers in the Little 500 use the same model of single speed bike equipped with a coaster brake and 46x18 gearing.

Wrecks are all too frequent in the Little 500 due to the intramural nature of the event and due to it taking place on loose cinders rather than a firm paved surface that we are all used to riding on. Mention these riders in your prayers that they not only glorify God's name on the track, but that they stay safe as well.

Please plan to come to the race and support our racers. The race starts at 2pm on Saturday, April 12. Cru Cycling's (C4, Campus Crusade for Christ) and Theta Chi's "pits" are on the back stretch. Plan on arriving by 12:15-1:00 PM in order to get a seat. There is a $15 cost at the door for the event. You can also prepay for all Little 500 festivities via Ticketmaster for $20.


Ride Announcement: Saturday, April 5

Departure Location: Friendswood Baptist Church (7901 South State Rd 67, Camby, 46113)

Departure Time: 11 AM

Route: http://www.mapmyrun.com/ride/united-states/in/camby/461425688

It's just under 60 miles and hilly. It should be fun.

Pace: Major efforts will be made up the hills...comfortable to moderate in between hills...no one will get dropped and left for dead...we will always regroup before turns. Speeds will be in the 9 MPH (Robb, Observatory, and the Wall) to 40 MPH (down Goat Hollow), but most of the time will be in the 18-23 MPH range.

Bring friends!


Live, Ride, Die...Live!