Public Service Announcement: Praise be to God and Helmets

IC3 Indy Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to say special word of thanks to God this evening. As I was embroiled in a fantastic and fast training ride with some local speed burners, I was involved in what could have been a horrible accident. I was about 7th or 8th in a pace line traveling around 30 MPH going across a bridge in Martinsville, IN. Unfortunately, I came to a pot hole (It was a real monster), and I hit full speed right in the center. Through discussion with other riders and inspecting the damage, I believe that the left side of my carbon Zipp handlebars snapped one inch past the stem on impact. The destruction of my handlebars caused me to flip over the bars. I landed first on the back of right shoulder and my head snapped to the payment with great force. The crack in my helmet is quite substantial. I will try to post pictures later. If you want to purchase a helmet that is tried and true, buy a Specialized Decibel. It worked amazingly. I bounce a couple of times on the road and slid to a stop in the rocky berm. I have escaped this crash with only a little road rash on my shoulder and elbow, a pretty good strawberry on my hip, and a trashed handlebars. Everything else seems to be repairable or able to heal. Praise God!
This accident could have been much worse. This is a good reminder to keep each other in our prayers on a daily basis, because this type of stuff can and will happen. It seems to be part of the activity that we all love.
Ride hard, ride safe, and ride to enjoy the fact that we are wonderfully and fearfully made by an almighty and benevolent Creator. Have a great rest of the week.


We are still racing at Ceraland in one week and a half. Don't think this will stop that. :-) Oh...did I mention this wreck happened at 30 MPH....yup, we was flyin'. Watch out boyzzzz! LOL

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