James 2:26

James 2:26 (New International Version)
26 As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ! As summer time activities and training ramps up, I know from personal experiences that we as cyclist sometimes become very self involved. Meaning we get so wrapped up into training, equipment and racing that we put other things on hold. Sometimes work, studies and relationships take a backseat to our love of cycling. We get caught up into the thinking that if only I had more time to train or if only I had that frame, I could win. This drive to win races can fool us, and cause us to take our eyes off the true prize!
Our Earthly success is meaningless without Christ. No matter what we accomplish here on earth, it will never satisfy us and our true need for Christ! So you say, I know Christ and He is the Lord of my life. Why are you badgering me about this?

If Christ is truly Lord over our lives, then how can anything be placed before Him? We must constantly evaluate our lives and make sure we are not slipping into the philosophies of this world! Everything we do should point to Christ!

This means our training and racing should be a testimony to Christ! What does this look like? Gracious victories and defeats, fair riding, generous team tactics and forgiveness. There is no room for filthy language, rude gestures and negative talk. I know in the heat of the battle, things can quickly get out of hand. When this happens we should be quick to reconcile and ask for forgiveness. This type of behavior should be followed on and off the bike.

Please understand I am not any better. I fall short of Christ daily. I am no better than the dust my Creator made, however that doesn’t not give me an excuse to give up and not try to be more like Him. In fact it is because He loves me even though I am such an unworthy creation, that I want to work harder every day to hear His words, “Well done faithful servant”.

I encourage you to live each day, striving to be more like Jesus.

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