Ride Announcement: Saturday, April 5

Departure Location: Friendswood Baptist Church (7901 South State Rd 67, Camby, 46113)

Departure Time: 11 AM

Route: http://www.mapmyrun.com/ride/united-states/in/camby/461425688

It's just under 60 miles and hilly. It should be fun.

Pace: Major efforts will be made up the hills...comfortable to moderate in between hills...no one will get dropped and left for dead...we will always regroup before turns. Speeds will be in the 9 MPH (Robb, Observatory, and the Wall) to 40 MPH (down Goat Hollow), but most of the time will be in the 18-23 MPH range.

Bring friends!


Live, Ride, Die...Live!

1 comment:

James said...

You guys have fun! I will be stuck at work!