IC3 Indy at the Little 500

On April 12th, the IC3 Hoosier Spoke will have three members racing in the Indiana University Little 500. The Little 500, now in it's 58th year for the men, is a 50.98 mile race of 200 laps around a quarter mile cinder track. The three members from IC3 that are racing are Kamaron Gray, Kaleb Naegeli, and Max Phillips. Kamaron and Kaleb will be racing for Campus Crusade for Christ Cycling (C4) and Max will be riding for Theta Chi fraternity.

Each year only 33 teams qualify for the mens field; this year over 40 teams attempted to qualify. At the beginning of the race, C4 will be starting in 20th position and Theta Chi will begin in 32nd. The race begins with a flying start, much like the Indianapolis 500 that it is based on. Racers compete on teams of four in a relay race fashion, where ten exchanges must be completed by the end of the race. When an exchange occurs, the rider currently on the bike brings it into the teams pit area located on the outside of the track. The new rider gets a running start, grabs the handlebars, and then jumps on from the left while the previous rider comes sliding to a stop and swings off the bike on the right. None of this would be possible on a conventional road bike, but all racers in the Little 500 use the same model of single speed bike equipped with a coaster brake and 46x18 gearing.

Wrecks are all too frequent in the Little 500 due to the intramural nature of the event and due to it taking place on loose cinders rather than a firm paved surface that we are all used to riding on. Mention these riders in your prayers that they not only glorify God's name on the track, but that they stay safe as well.

Please plan to come to the race and support our racers. The race starts at 2pm on Saturday, April 12. Cru Cycling's (C4, Campus Crusade for Christ) and Theta Chi's "pits" are on the back stretch. Plan on arriving by 12:15-1:00 PM in order to get a seat. There is a $15 cost at the door for the event. You can also prepay for all Little 500 festivities via Ticketmaster for $20.

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