New Year, New Goals

I will first apologize for being so lazy about my blogging! I will try and do better this coming year!

Indiana membership is growing. We have members all over the State, but no one area of strong concentration. This past summer we tried to do three group rides in different areas. We got one ride in. It seems that IC3 riders are dedicated cyclist and family members. We will try for a few rides this summer again.

God has given me this passion for cycling and pushing myself to the limit physically, I count every minute on my bicycle as a gift. It helps me stay healthy, mentally stable and I enjoy fellowship with other rides. I can not count the numbers of times I have been on a long solo ride and God has spoken to me about life. Cycling is a larger part of my life.

These are all great reasons to ride and join IC3, however, I am also a family man. I am a leader in my house. At no time should my cycling interfere with the relationship I have with my wife, kids, church and extended family. I will admit that this tough! This is one of the areas I will be blogging about this year….

Enjoy riding, most of mine has been inside on the trainer!

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