My New Bike

This is my new Giant Defy Advance. This is also my first full carbon frame bicycle. I decided to sell my Litespeed and try a full carbon ride. I am not racing on the road any more, so the endurance geometry is a good match for my riding style and needs.

I have a bout 100 miles. I have been pleased. The carbon is noticeably more stiff than the titanium. The ride feel is wonderful. Everyone who has ridden in Indiana in the early spring, knows the roads are trashed with pot-holes and grit. The bike has handled all of these obstacles very well. Never have I long for the smoothness of the Ti frame. The carbon seems to deaden the road feedback, yet at the same time I still feel connected to the road! The bike is slightly lighter than the Litespeed. As pictured it sits at 17.5 lbs. Because of the nature of the titanium, I had Mark Degunya (Wheel Builder Extraordinaire) create a very stiff wheel/ hub combo. The Aero Head/ American Classic hubs are light and stiff. The same wheel set is great match for the carbon frame too! So over all I am very pleased. I will admit, however, if I were still road racing, I would opt for the Giant TCR. I think the TCR's shorter wheel base and fork rake would give it a snappier feel.

Of course I transferred my Campagnolo groupo onto the Defy. The carbon cranks just look great on the bike!

So do the Campagnolo Record Carbon Shifters!

I will check in later this spring to update the review! Enjoy the spring!

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