Indiana State Road Race

Congrats on the tri result, guys. That's impressive.

I was doing the Crit state championships in Bloomington today... good event, field of 50+, 40 minutes + 3 for my field. I started on the front row, missed clipping in at the start and fell about halfway back. Spent 25 minutes moving up to 15th or so. Got a couple opportunities to move up to the front; I wanted to be 4th or 5th wheel on the last lap to have a good shot at the sprint - it was a technical course that really didn't afford many opportunities for passing until the front stretch and the stretch from turns 1-2. I was on the front with 1 to go, fell back to third wheel, and got passed by two trains of riders moving up both sides of our line. This left me about 10th or so as we went single file through turns 3-6. Held my own on the sprint, but not much I could do with it coming from that far back. I finished 15th, well placed in the lead group. A decent result, but not quite what I was looking for.

Oh well... it was better than last year and I felt good. Reporting through the good & bad. I'm still contemplating my race options for next weekend - not sure what I'll do just yet.

Keep riding strong,


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