Life of a Cross Racer

Transition…a key to Cyclo-Cross racing. Have you ever watch the pros race cross? Poetry in motion! The smoothness of their dismount and the equally elegant remount is an awesome sight. Most racers have the same fitness. It is the transitions throughout the race that create the separation from the frontrunners and the rest of the pack. Often there will be a select group that slightly pulls away each barrier section. These are the individuals who have mastered the transition.

Life is full of transitions. We move from career to career, home to home and life stages constantly in our lives. Sometimes we get to choose when and where, sometimes the choice is made for us. It seems like that for the past 6 years I have been in a constant series of transitions. Jobs, careers and children, all transitions I have faced. Actually, this Cross Race, my life, started on an early spring night in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was there at the gate of Camp O’Malley locking it for the last time as the Director. I was transitioning to a new camp and new position in Indiana. A position I was sure was the direction God had intended. A direction and choice that I was sure God would bless. I was also moving rapidly to another transition…fatherhood. Jack would be in my arms in less than 3 months, Peter a mere 15 months later. So that night as I locked the gate, tears were in my eyes; tears of joy, fear and sadness. As I locked that gate I was sure I was heading to the destination God had chosen for me. A destination I was sure would provide me and the family with everything we would need at the same time fulfill God’s work in my life. In less than 14 months I was in transition again, this time not totally by my choice. Where was I going, how would I do? God, am I doing the right thing? These were all questions I faced and couldn’t answer.

Do you ever struggle with that question? “God, am I doing the right thing?” I do…

I so desperately want to serve my King. I worry about my job, is it what He called me to do? Am I making good use of my time? Which parts of my flesh are contaminating my choices? All these are struggles in my life. It isn’t my past choices that haunt me, it is my future decisions. Yet, I know I can’t stop. I must push forward, struggle on. I know that sometimes this means I will suffer, I will hurt. Yet, this doesn’t bother me either. I am not scared of the work, only of letting my Savior down.

It is in these darkest of moments, when I feel the lowliest, that the Spirit comforts me and reminds me that I am doing what He called me to do, I am following. Never did Jesus say…”Follow me to here or there” He simply said “Follow me”.

He simply said “Follow me”.

So transitions are a key to our walk with Christ. We must be prepared to move from one stage of life to another, make the best of what we have and keep pursuing our goal,

To run the good race.

To…simply follow Christ!

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