Why we do what we do!

Summer is fleeing faster that a breakaway chasing a prime. Time to breakout those goals you set earlier in the year and evaluate where they stand. It is a good time to make notes for next season. Answer questions like;
1. When was your peak?
2. When did you feel tired the most?
3. What nutrition worked?
4. How was your motivation?
I love my excel journal where I record my times, miles and other data. I also like to journal about my rides, moods and other things that are not so easily quantified. Remember we are Body, Mind and Spirit.

The TobyMac quote is a good reminder. What are we “Burning” for, results, equipment and personal glory? We here to “Burn” for Christ, to glorify Him who saved us! We have been given the privilege to show our love and our dedication to him, while riding our bikes, running and swimming. To worship the High Priest through the good and proper use of our bodies, yet we waist this opportunity if we don’t finish the race! Now I hope you know I am not talking about the actual race or competition, but our own personal race. Each of us has been given a race to run by our Lord. Each of our races involve ministry. How do we show the world that all we do is for Christ! That we “Burn” for Christ!

That is why I am in IC3. Simply riding with <>< on my back tells the world for who I ride! When I stop and help another rider out, or when one of you guys stand on a podium or IC3 is listed by your name on a results sheet. These are all ways to glorify the most high.

Remember, it is not for our glory, nor is it for IC3 glory, but it is for Christ that we strive to reach the finish line.

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