The Dreaded Rain Day

Training, training and yet more training! This is the summer for many of us. I have been lamenting lately about my lack of training time! As cyclists we often find ourselves in that mental rut of thinking “If a little is good, and a lot is better, then I will do a ton and win!” Because of this, it is hard for us cyclists to take unplanned interruptions to our detailed training schedules. I had today off and had planned a nice long ride. My legs haven’t propelled my bike past 35 miles in a single ride all year. I was so excited on Sunday when I declared today to be a long ride day. The boys are with their Grandparents for the week and my Bride and I are going out for a much need date tonight! So the day was mine to spend joyfully spinning through the hills of Morgan Monroe!

As I type this we are under a tornado watch with severe storms on the way! I am disappointed to say the least. The dreaded rain day, the irony is if I had been training long and hard all spring I would welcome this day to catch up on any number of things. However this is not my situation.
With the wisdom that only comes with time and God’s Grace, I know there is a lesson in today’s tragedy. As I wait for the inevitable rain on my front porch, God’s Spirit reminds me that there is a season for all things. The Spirit reminds me that my plans are not always God’s plans, that I am not the center. Now to some, this is a point of anger and disobedience! Many individuals turn away from God because of this one Truth…When we give our lives to God, we must surrender our will to God. They do not want to give in to God! They do not want to admit that God is in control. They want to be the center of the universe. They want to be in control and do whatever they want to do! They do not want a deity that restricts their life, so they search for a god that makes them feel good, and will let them control their lives.

I can understand this type of thinking. I sympathize with these individuals. Giving up control is difficult. To admit that our actions and thoughts need to be carefully examined and that we need to seek forgiveness for our human faults, angers us and puts us into a defensive state of mind. It can make us bitter and it can harden our hearts. I am tempted to believe my life would be better and more enjoyable if only I didn’t have to conform to Christ. If I did all the things I wanted and focused on me, I would be happy. I also understand that this is my flesh talking. I know that Christ is my life, that in Him I have life!

I have experienced the freedom of not being in control. I have experienced the freedom of His Love that releases me to be complete in Him! Like today, even though I desperately want to be out riding, I rest in the knowledge that God has control and that I am not responsible to “Make things happen”. Did God make it rain just to keep me off the bike today? That I do not know and may never know, is God good and is His Will always working to reconcile all people to Himself? Yes that I do know and in that knowledge I have learned to be satisfied and content. I have learned to trust God and live in whatever season I am called to live in.

I pray you learn to greet each season with gratefulness. I pray you experience the love, comfort and contentment that only comes from living in Christ.

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KNaegeli said...

Thanks for putting things in perspective... that was good for me to read. I was a bit unhappy that I wasn't able to ride to work today (I just enjoy the commute on the bike and prefer it to the bus/walking) AND that I'd probably have to take a second day in a row off. Four rest days in two weeks.

Too often I find myself trapped in, as James said it, "If a little is good and a lot is better, then I'll do a ton." And right now, with the state championships this weekend, I'm entrenched in that thinking, wanting to get the perfect training and preparation done for Saturday.

It strikes me to think that 10 months ago I couldn't ride at all after a crash and a couple broken bones. That was such a reminder of God's sovereignty and His character as the "God who gives and takes away." Rain/inclement weather is a slightly less painful reminder of the same thing.

So, yes, it is indeed frustrating, but a good reminder of our priorities sometimes to take a day off. It's too easy to get lost in the bike. Still, I'd love it if the weather clears up this afternoon so I can ride.

On a similar note, I'm racing as long as the promoters will still run the race on Saturday, regardless of weather. I hope to see you all there.